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Download Icon Pack Download For Web and Graphic Designer | In EPS Format


Staff member
Jan 20, 2024
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Icon Pack Download For Web and Graphic Designer: As a web or , We have to work a lot every day. Sometimes, we require icons for our work. Icons are also needed in the web and they are also used in graphics work. So, There is some icon pack that will work in our everyday needs. Some cool icons collection for you. Previously I shared & , now time for Icon Pack.

Icon Pack In EPS Format

If you are a graphic designer then you might know what is EPS file format, and how to use them. EPS standard for Encapsulated PostScript, it is graphics format for vector images. If opened EPS file in a vector-based program like , Corel Draw, Then you can resize without loss of quality. If you open in , the file will be rasterized and uneditable, Like any JPEG file. Many Softwares cab generate EPS files, the file is only editable when the file was originally created as a vector image. Otherwise, If an EPS is created in Photoshop and opened in Illustrator. Then the image will not editable, Remember that.

Business Icons​

25 Business icons download in EPS format.

Online Learning Icons​

25 Online education / learning icons download in EPS format.

Medical Icons​

25 Medical icons download in EPS format.

Elearning Icon Pack​

25 Elearning icons download in EPS format.

Ecommerce Icon Pack​

25 Ecommerce icons download in EPS format.

Hotel Service Icon Pack​

25 Hotel service icons download in EPS format.

Healthcare Medicine Icons​

25 Healthcare medicine icons download in EPS format.

Travel Icon pack​

25 Travel icons download in EPS format.

Eco Energy Icons​

25 Eco energy icons download in EPS format.

Dental Care Icons​

25 Dental care icons download in EPS format.

Human Brain Icons​

25 Human brain icons download in eps format.

Download below


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